Crafting the styles and culture of today while contouring the style of tomorrow in Auto Design...

Autokonexion was founded out of hobby and love of design. We pride ourselves in creating true Innovative and one of a kind products from scratch. Designer and Sculptor Mike Burlas has 20+ years experience in the Bodykit Industry, and working with different Bodykit Manufacturer's all over the world for their Design needs.

Autokonexion aim to meet the different needs of car enthusiasts around the world with unique, functional and affordably priced products made in the US. Our factory is in California where we do our own Prototype, Mould and R&D.

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New Product Announcement

Autokonexion has released the new Kit for the NB1's starting with the Basic Stage 1 Circuit Kit and Stage 2 Circuit Kit. Please visit Circuit Kit Page to get more information.     


New Dealer Announcement            


All of us at Autokonexion, are excited to welcome Moss Europe Ltd., as a new Autokonexion Distributor in Europe. Moss Europe Ltd, one of the founding companies of the British classic car parts industry are committed to bringing and stocking Autokonexion parts to our European buyers. This dedication will help enhance the value of Autokonexion products in the European Market.

If you have any inquiries regarding Autokonexion parts in Europe please visit    and they will make every effort to provide you with quality parts, expertise and service in a relaxed, helpful and friendly manner.